About Me

Hello, my name is Tierra Youngblood-Field. I completed my undergraduate at Grand Valley State University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Health Professions and Psychology. I completed my Master’s Degree in Counseling Education with a focus in Marriage, Couple & Family Therapy at Western Michigan University in 2017. I am also in the process of becoming a Certified Advance Alcohol and Drug Counselor through Western Michigan University. 

I chose Marriage, Couple & Family Therapy because I believe that relationships are the building blocks of life. We are all born into relationships and form different relationships throughout life (i.e. parent/child, intimate, social, professional, intrapersonal, etc.). When there is discord in one relationship it negatively affects the other relationships. Individuals learn from the relationships they build and it creates the person they are today. Are you who you want to be?

You can’t teach what you don’t know.
And you can’t lead where you don’t go.
— Jesse Jackson

My Journey

My journey is continuous...Growing into the person I am today started with discovering my core needs and fears, which were shaped in childhood. I had the privilege of growing up in two different environments: one being Detroit, Michigan and the other Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was born in Detroit, Michigan and raised by a single mother; we lived in a community labeled as low income and poverty stricken. My nine siblings and I, did what all the people in our community had to do, and that’s adapt to our environment. An environment that is polluted, contained, underprivileged and overlooked. I wasn't given the chance to thrive in this environment and adapting to it wasn't easy especially because I saw more for yourself. A month before my 13th birthday my mother passed away; so, I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan with my father. While living with my father we were considered working middle class. In this environment, I was able to attended East Kentwood High School; the most diverse public school in Michigan. I ran track, made the hall of fame, and studied hard. I then went off to college on a full ride academic scholarship; with an offer for a sports scholarship as well. All that is not to say that coming to Grand Rapids was easy; it was a huge culture shock. I had to deal with things that I had never experienced while living in Detroit. To say the least it took some adjusting; but, lucky for me I had amazing people along the way to teach and provide me with the tools, love, and support I needed to address my fears and meet the needs that were unmet in childhood. I was able to learn more about relationships in general and its key role in shaping individuals. I have to thank Detroit, Michigan for giving me the drive, determination and motivation to thrive.


My Purpose

I would like to help individuals create balance in their lives by helping them to understand their role in creating the relationships they are in. Over the years, it has come to my attention that if people knew better they would do better.  My goal is to provide knowledge, a safe environment, and at least one healthy relationship. I pride myself on doing all things that I ask my clients to do. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

What you know you know. What you don’t know, you don’t know.
This is knowledge.
— Confucius

Accomplishments & professional development

  • Chi Sigma Iota Mu Beta-2015

  • Alpha Kappa Mu National Society: Mu Omicron Chapter-2016

  • Gotten Level 1 couples Therapy: Clinical Training-2016

  • Gotten Level 2 couples Therapy: Clinical Training-2017.

  • Relationship Based Care: Self-Compassion and Resiliency

  • Psychopharmacology: Multicultural Perspective, Cultural Bias, and Medication Use-2017

  • Completed internships at the following locations: Fountain Hill Counseling Center, Community Recovery Counseling Center, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, Sanford House Recovery for Women & Men

Find me elsewhere online

GoodTherapy.org • Psychology Today 



Alton Casey is a native of Detroit. He moved to Muskegon County to establish a career in the Human Services field particularly Substance Abuse. Alton has an extensive history of substance use and heavy criminology from the age of fourteen. Alton is currently employed as a Recovery Coach at a local counseling agency in Muskegon County. Alton has facilitated groups that cater to the needs of young men that have experienced cycles of incarceration and substance use that has significantly impacted their lives. Alton is enthusiastic, motivated, and passionate about recovery and everyday struggles (relational or personal). Alton deeply desires to empower and encourage others interests in recovery, and beating cycles of criminology by providing tools to fearlessly face and combat destructive patterns.