Best Friend or Worst Enemy

How we talk to ourselves is very important. Our minds can be our best friend or worst enemy! Sometimes we can convince ourselves that we are on top of the world and sometimes we can convince ourselves that we don’t even belong in this world. Self-talk is extremely important; it can make or break a person. For example, when we feel worthless and unvalued we tend to look for reasons why as to why we feel this way; so, we start to critic ourselves and even when we find something good we find a way to make it negative. Our minds have a way of making what we think into reality. Have you ever thought of someone throughout the day or week and that person reaches out to you?  I believe this has something to do with the law of attraction; in that, we attract what we think, what we focus on.  


I encourage you to be mindful of how you speak to yourself. And check out the link above for more tips self-talk

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Tierra Youngblood